Creative industries and IPR

Content production creates rights for authors and producers. Copyright constitutes a significant asset and a basis for earnings.  The management of rights and the distribution of income are defined by mutual agreements between the author, the producer, the customer and the distributor. These involve challenging legal issues and contract techniques, and it is wise to use expert legal advice. Especially when it comes to audiovisual productions and music, an understanding of the system of collective management is also essential.

Our office handles a significant part of Finnish legal commissions related to various operators in the creative industry both in Finland and internationally.

Trademark registration is a good way to protect your goods or services. A design protection registration may be used to protect designs.  You can apply for trademark or design protection in EU through the EUIPO system and internationally through WIPO.  If obtaining protection requires a registration process abroad, we can also arrange this in cooperation with local experts, with whom we have extensive contacts.   We also assist with domain and business name registrations.

  • we prepare agreements and assist in their preparation and negotiation
  • we consult and offer assessments related to copyrights or other intellectual property issues
  • we assist with registering trademarks/design protection, also internationally
  • we handle litigation in civil and criminal cases

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